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Light Grey

Code: 125

An apparent calm, enlivened by unexpected golden glimmers

The neutral grey background is enlivened by a profusion of tone-on-tone medium grain, with many inclusions of brighter flecks and an intermittent golden glow. The Light Grey slab represents style and is destined to become the protagonist of the spaces it inhabits.
Product Code
Code: 125
light grey
coarse grain
polished, matt
The Pebble Light Grey surface has a uniform light grey background and a coarse grain in warm shades.

Technical information

305x140 cm (120″ x 55″)
Surface Area
4.27 sqm (45.96 sqft)
Thickness and weight
1.2 cm (1/2″) 125 kg (275 lb)
2 cm (3/4″) 208 kg (459 lb)
3 cm (1 1/4″) 312 kg (688 lb)
For more details about this surface, please download the technical data sheet.
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