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Code: 4020

Unspoilt colours

Garrigue is the name given to wasteland that is home to low, thorny and inconspicuous vegetation that grows in grey-green patches interspersed with dry areas. When viewed from a panoramic perspective, an unexpected, fragmented and mimetic texture emerges rich in nuances and chiaroscuro effects. These are accompanied by areas of shade and flashes of light, which we have transformed into a decorative pattern.
Product Code
Code: 4020
light grey
widespread veins
glossy, matt
The Forest Garrigue surface has a uniform dove-gray background, a fine grain, long blue and white veins and diffuse white and red veins.

Technical information

320x155 cm (126″ x 61″)
Surface Area
4.96 sqm (53.39 sqft)
Thickness and weight
2 cm (3/4″) 240 kg (529 lb)
3 cm (1 1/4″) 360 kg (794 lb)
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